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"Times are changing in sports science. The outcome of sports activity is physical and for this reason the primary focus of sports science has traditionally been on physiology and physical performance. However, the great evolution in neurosciences and neuropsychology of the last decades is emphasizing the important role of brain function in sports. After all, our commands come from the brain. Our executions, before any action is possible, require prior processing from the brain and the motor planning is also the result of brain function.

Dr. Sullivan has been in the forefront in applying this new knowledge from neurosciences to understanding athletic performance in healthy athletes and with those that are recovering from concussions. In this book, he and Chris Parker are offering a very timely overview of what are useful practices to assess and optimize brain function and brain recovery. In my opinion, therefore, this is a very timely and relevant contribution to brain health and performance, and it is a very relevant contribution to the arena of high performance."

Jocelyn Faubert, Ph.D.

​​Professor, School of Optometry, Universitéde Montreal,
Member, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Universitéde Montreal,
Member, Centre for Research in Neurological Sciences, University of Montreal,
Member, Research Group Experimental Neuropsychology, University of Montreal.

Founder, Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board, Chief Science Officer and Executive Director, CogniSens Inc.

"I routinely tell people that my work with elite athletes focuses on things from the neck down. Despite my physiological focus, I fully recognize the important role that the brain plays in our overall health and performance. John and Chris provide clear insights into this amazingly complex organ and enhance our understanding of how this master governor controls all of the physiological systems below the shoulders.  

By reading ‘The Brain Always Wins ‘you will appreciate the intricacies of the most sophisticated super-computer on earth; more importantly, you will be better equipped to use your brain to feel, think and behave more effectively in all aspects of life."

Jason D. Vescovi, Ph.D.
Exercise Physiologist Tennis Canada

"The Brain Always Wins is an excellent primer for understanding and appreciating the complexities of the brain and, in many instances, the mind, which I feel is how the brain interacts with the world.  I think that many can benefit from a greater understanding of the workings of the brain and their ability to utilize it to improve many aspects of their lives—how they think, feel and move. Dr. Sullivan and Chris Parker have done an excellent job of communicating about this and providing the links and resources for individual exploration."

David B Coppel, Ph.D., FACSM, CC-AASP
Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Sport Psychologist
Director of Neuropsychological Services and Research
UW Sports Concussion Program
Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
Adjunct Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Department of Psychology
University of Washington

​​"The Brain Always Wins is a unique book that integrates a little anthropology with basic neuroscience, and combines this with personal experiences, anecdotes and clinical observations. The ideas that John and Chris present challenge some of the dogma surrounding the brain. The book is written in an easy, conversational style just as if John and Chris were sharing their knowledge with you over a coffee! They support this with many helpful suggestions for web-based resources for further reading and learning.
If you want to learn about the secrets of the brain, and how to unlock these secrets to achieve a more healthful and fulfilling life, buy The Brain Always Wins!"

Jonathan Peake, Ph.D.
Exercise Physiologist and Lecturer
School of Biomedical Sciences
Queensland University of Technology

​"There is so much to the brain that we are just starting to understand. For those who haven’t been trained in neuroscience, getting caught up can be a daunting task. The Brain Always Wins is a great primer to start you on your journey, but it is so much more. I recommend this book for anyone who is looking to enhance performance of any kind or for anyone interested in improving their brain health, in general. Readers will particularly enjoy the neuro-enhancing exercises at the end of each chapter."

Sam Maniar, Ph.D.

Team Sport Psychologist

Cleveland Browns

National Football League

​"As an athletic trainer with forty years' experience in caring for intercollegiate student-athletes, I have a unique perspective on how athletes respond to injuries and challenges to optimal performance. The brain ultimately determines how the athlete feels, thinks, and behaves in the face of injuries, opportunities, and adversities. However, most athletic health care professionals receive little in the way of education about how to manage brain health and performance to ensure athletic success or how to recover from injuries such as concussion. The Brain Always Wins offers a brain management process enabling us all to maintain health and optimize performance. The Brain Always Wins provides both essential scientific knowledge of the brain and recommendations on managing the brain for optimal performance."

Timothy Neal, MS, ATCPresident, TLN Consulting

Assistant Professor for Health and Human Performance  

Athletic Training Clinical Education Concordia University 

"A fascinating and factual document that captures the power and potential our brain holds, using simple language, effective visuals and perhaps more importantly simple tools for practical application" 

Damian Roden, MSc

Director of High Performance at Stoke City F.C. 

"The Brain Always Wins was of great interest to me for multiple reasons. My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers around ten years ago, and her brother has passed away with the disease. This led me to tons of personal research on brain health and functionality. As a music producer, I work in a very competitive field that heavily relies on creativity, optimal focus and emotions to create great work. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a book that is very well crafted and focused on the brain, with tips to get optimal performance from the brain. Dr. John Sullivan and Chris Parker just might get a thank you in a Grammy speech in the near future!"

Deryk "Sleep Deez" Mitchell
Songwriter, composer, producer

​​"As the founder and C.E.O. of 2XU, I base everything I do on the latest, most relevant science and its application to improving performance. That's why I am delighted to recommend The Brain Always Wins. If you want to optimize your performance - at anything! - whilst also maintaining your well being, read this book. It is both educational and inspirational. And it will help you to improve the quality of your life."

Aidan Clarke 
C.E.O. of 2XU ("Two Times You")
Advanced Human Performance Technical Clothing 

"This book heralds a revolution in personal development and wellbeing. The Brain Always Wins can help us all improve the quality of our life by helping us to take better care of the most important thing in all our lives: our brain. Given that our brains govern and control everything we do as human beings, it makes absolute sense to have a brain management process that underpins and enhances everything we do. This book teaches and shows how to do just that. It is easy to read, engaging and stimulating. The Brain Always Wins is not only a must-read, it’s a book to read and return to repeatedly."

Alan Barnard
Director bbm campaigns
Former Head of Elections for Tony Blair’s Labour government
Former Head of Research and Campaigns for the Football Association

"As a serial entrepreneur I often develop startups through intuitive thinking and gut feel. After reading The Brain Always Wins you are able to better understand the science behind intuition and how you can hone that skill to your advantage. It is astonishing what can be learned from a deeper knowledge of our most unique characteristic – developed human thought. I will certainly be applying what I discovered in this book into my business and personal life and I continue to evolve as an entrepreneur and as a person."

Adrian Kinderis, C.E.O.

Bombora Technologies