I’m delighted to have the opportunity to recommend ‘The Brain Always Wins’! Let me tell you why. I was a Navy SEAL for eleven years, assigned to teams on both East and West coasts. Throughout that time I averaged 273 days away from home every year, double-digit combat deployments, an equal number of concussions, and a countless number of injuries. I reached such a point of Central Nervous System (CNS) failure my hair and finger nails were falling out, I was sleeping no more than seven hours a week and I was only able to walk and function under a constant dose of prescription pain medications.  Needless to say, things had to change because I could not continue to live that way…I was literally dying. I came to the overwhelming conclusion that I could only heal my physical self to the limit set by my CNS - my very stressed CNS.

I began the healing journey by visiting my local bookstore and searching the Internet. I read volumes of literature and came to the realisation that no one was offering practical, reliable, sustainable, science and result-based information. 

It was then I was fortunate enough to reach out to Dr John Sullivan. He was the first person I had met capable of meeting my needs. Through his knowledge, guidance and unshakable assurance John led me down the path to recovery. In fact he did more than simply improve my physical, emotional and mental state; by the end of our work together I was actually performing at a much higher physical, social and neurological level than before my injuries, concussions and sleep deprivation.

It is no surprise to me, then, that John has co-authored this invaluable, life-enhancing book. ‘The Brain Always Wins’ not only explains what is going on in the brain and how it affects the body in easy to understand detail, it also - importantly - gives readers the tools to actively affect change in the form of a personalized brain management process. This makes ‘The Brain Always Wins’ an essential resource for all of us.

The information laid out in this book literally saved my life. Moreover, the added benefit is that I am now the strongest, the healthiest and the happiest I have ever been.

‘The Brain Always Wins’ is more than a book; it’s an investment in your life and everything you care about. Believe me – it’s a game changer!

With Great Admiration and Respect,
Jeff Nichols CSCS
Exercise Physiologist – Former Navy SEAL
Virginia High Performance LLC

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Jeff Nichols - Former Navy SEAL