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Service and Sacrifice

We have learned much about the brain and its functions through scientific research and through injury to the brain or peripheral systems - typically and tragically these discoveries have come from the military and the sacrifices of war.

It seems only right therefore that we should share some of the profits from this – and all the other books we write together – with those charities that support our military veterans. These are the men and women who provided the highest levels of service for their own and future generations. We all owe them the greatest of debts. We all have an obligation – we believe – to play our own part in saying Thank you.

Here are John’s thoughts about service:

‘I have been honored to work with military, law enforcement, and firefighters; persons who put their lives on the line to allow all of us to have the freedoms and safety we have in our daily lives.  This privilege also extends to my family wherein I was shown the lessons of service from my father, mother, brothers and extended family.  My father is a naval veteran  and like many of his generation talked little about what he did in his service but discussed instead the important lessons of service.  He further served his community for years as a firefighter and again referred to it as nothing extra ordinary but rather as just something you do. 

‘My mother served many as a nurse and like others in this honorable profession spoke about her inumerable acts of kindness and caring with great humility. Having two older brothers was also a priviledge as they paved the way for much of my success due to their loving support, guidance, and sage advice – again I recognize this as service and a gift. 

‘My extended family’s history of service dates back to the forming our of country and the shores of the European wartime theater during World War II.

‘Given that it is the human brain that underpins and directs these great acts of service and commitment it is only fitting that a book focussed on brain health and optimization makes a contribution to the men and women who serve us so selflessly.’

The charities we  support are: